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Rigid Strainers: well braced, solid & square, no bowing, warping - guaranteed !

This rigid art support is our most popular product due to its design as a 'wrap around' with our fine linen or cotton canvas fabric stretched around the sides and tacked in the back. As well as having strength and beauty, strainers allow the sides of the support to be painted. Thus, strainers don't need to be framed in order to exhibit them. (Although we do make floater frames for these.)

W3 strainer, 1+3/4" depth

Strainers' rigid joints are permanently glued and nailed, they do not come apart. Strainers are limited to UPS sizes, or we can deliver any size in the San Francisco Bay area, or they can be sent via truck freight.
Our strainers are available in three depths. The deepest (W4) is 2-1/2" deep. The W3 is 1-3/4" deep. And the W1.25 is 1-1/4" deep.
Order standard sized stretcher bar sets below- these include bracing where appropriate and are finely hand sanded and constructed individually to order. Our lead time is currently 4-6 weeks. If you need something quicker call us- we can usually accommodate your timeline requirements.

For custom sizes & etc.: [email protected] Or give us a call 707-433-4238