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Floater Frames

John Annesley Company floater frames have a clean and elegant look. There is no lip or edge of frame overlapping the face of your picture, just a small gap of air (the float) and then the face of our finely finished wood border. There is no danger from the frame's wood acid touching the painting surface. A floater frame is easy to install with screws from the back that attach to your stretcher bars (screws supplied). At the bottom of this page you can see and order the different types of Floater Frames available. For custom sizes at no additional charge, give us a call or send us an email. ​ (707) 433 4238 or  [email protected]

Floater Frames: Maple or Basswood

All of our floater frames are available made from basswood, and two styles are also available in soft maple- (please call or email for maple floater frames as they are not currently available for an add-to-cart purchase.) The default finish is painted black on the inside, clear lacquer on all sides of the frame. When coated with lacquer, basswood can look very similar to maple, and weighs much, much less. The example pictures below are all made with basswood. Maple's "muted peach tone" is a cooler colored wood compared to the warm yellow of basswood. We added the option of maple because it is a traditional choice for framing, though much heavier. Compared to basswood, maple is a bit more ding and scratch resistant and has a more pronounced grain pattern consistent with the traditional, maple frame look.

Floater Frame Face Widths

Our standard floater frames have a 5/16" face; a 5/8" face is optional at the same price. We also have a 3" wide face available. The face is the front side of the frame that will surround your artwork and show on the same plane as your artwork when mounted on the wall.
Above: a variety of floater profiles. Far right = 5/8" width face. Middle = 5/16" width face. Far left: 3" wide face floater, black lacquer.
Above: 3" wide face floater frame, 2.5" depth, black lacquer over front and sides of frame, then coated with a clear lacquer.
Left: basswood floater with 5/8" face, black inside, clear lacquer outside.  (F2.5T)
Also available in maple.
Right: maple floater 5/16" face, 2.5" deep. Painted black inside, clear lacquer all sides.

Floater Frame Depths

Our standard floater frames come in a 1-1/2" depth or a 2-1/2" depth. When combined with spacers or inserts, they can be used with many different depths of stretcher bar paintings, cradled panels, strainers or plein aire panels. The 1.5" frames allow artwork up to 1" deep to be fitted. The 2.5" frames can be used with work up to 2" deep. If you're unsure which floater frame depths to use with your artwork, call or email us with the dimensions and depth of your artwork and we can help determine which depth of floater frame will work best. If needed, we'll make inserts/spacers to raise your art to correctly match the face of a floater frame. This is also a great option to improve the appearance of art pieces created on masonite, gatorboard, canvas panels or other thin panels.
Right: two depths of basswood floater frame. 2.5" deep (F2.5) and 1.5" deep (F1.5)
Above: wide face floater frames. Reddish frame has a 2" wide face, 2.5" deep. Blonde frame in foreground has a 3" wide face, 2.5" deep, the other blonde frame above is 1.5" deep and 3" wide. The all black lacquer frame is 3" wide, 2.5" deep.

Floater Frame Finishes & Stains

The finish on your basswood or maple floater frame can be provided to you three different ways: 
- unsealed, 
- coated with clear lacquer, 
- or stained and then coated with clear lacquer.
Below: Far left stain color is Ebony (one coat- our default on this color), middle stain is Red Mahogany. Far right has no stain. All are sealed with clear lacquer.
These are the 26 standard colors available:
The interior of each floater frame is covered in a lacquered black finish. This enhances the appearance of "floating" for your artwork.
Floater Frame Instructions
We provide instructions so that a floater frame is easy to install. You use the screws we provide in the pre-drilled holes on the back and attach your stretcher bars or panel to the frame.
Paintings created on our 4mm marine grade mahogany plein aire panels or created on Masonite, gatorboard, canvas panels or other thin panels can easily attach to our specially designed plein aire floater frames utilizing the supplied Velcro tabs.
Mounting Your Artwork in a Floater Frame
Shipping Alternative
Larger sizes of floater frames can be shipped unassembled with thumbnail inserts/butterfly wedges for you to use in assembly. This requires glueing, the wood glue is not provided.
Mouldings for Frameshops
All variations of our floater frame mouldings and cap mouldings are available in lengths for retail frame shops. We can provide chop service too. (Please call for this option.)